WELCOME TO Horizon Gaming!

What’s all the fuss about?

Well let us tell you! Horizon Gaming has been running for just over two years, it was formed by two players who had enough with the constant admin abuse and poor game play of other servers. Since opening horizon, we have learnt a lot from rust and realised what it really takes to have fun when it comes to playing rust. Although us admins don’t play in game, we have just as much fun and delight helping everyone out and at the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and that’s all that matters. Now what are you waiting for? Go kick some ass!

Non-stop Fun!

After playing servers in the past, we have decided to come together to create a perfect server for everyonelse, our server offers many features as well as non playing admins to maximise the amount of fun for everyone!


Want to support the server?

Running a server is not only stressfull, but is also very costly. Without donations we can't keep the server running, we reward all of our users for donating as we feel we could not be doing this without you guys!


Staff Members

Think you got what it takes to help run our server(s) ? Apply using our application form, we are always in need of staff as our community is getting larger day by day, we all know its no fun when there is no one around to help!