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Server Staff Information

We are always in need or staff, due to the amount of players we get on a daily basis, if you wish to apply for staff then you’re in the right place! We have various staff ranks, each have different powers / permissions, –

Chat Mod – as a Chat Mod your job is to just help people in chat. (Player)

Server Moderator – as a Server Moderator, you will have the ability to kick and ban people if they break rules. You will also help out players if they need it. (Player)

Server Administrator – as a Server Admin, You will have access to full commands, We do not have any playing admins on this server. (Full Access) (Non Player)

We also have very strict rules when it comes to being a staff member, failing to follow these rules will mean that you will be removed from the team and even the server depending on the case at hand. The reason we don’t want our admins playing among other players, is because we want to allow our players to play freely without having to worry about being raided by admins that spawn in items. Please note : [ONLY ADMINS CAN SPAWN ITEMS] Admin’s cannot play the server, they are only there to ensure that everything is running smooth and everyone is having a great time!


Incognito & Badg3r


FilthyCasual  & Pjuskii


Mathoisen &  Stezzers

Chat Moderators 

 OliverR & Hateme & Sufferdude1 & Vyhm

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