Server Suggestions

Have something in mind that you think will help the server? Hand in a suggestion here!


If you are suggesting a plugin, please include a link to the plugin if you have it.

1: Please keep suggestions realistic, we will try our best to implement player suggestions if they meet our standards.
2: Fill in all required fields in the suggestion form (You may leave “N/A” if certain fields don’t apply to you)
3: All suggestions are emailed directly to us, please don’t keep asking about your suggestion as we will work our way through at our own pace.
4. If you have any concerns about suggesting something, then feel free to ask away in our live chat.
5. Donator kits / perks are currently stable, any suggestions to these must be within reason as we have to keep everyone happy.

Server Suggestions

Read the requirements and are ready to suggest? Fill the form in down below.


  • Please insert your username so we can contact you if we need to.
  • If you have a link to a plugin that you are suggesting, please include it here.
  • Please include in as much detail as possible the suggestion that you have in mind.